Endowment Fund

The Mount Horeb Public Library Endowment Fund will allow the Library Board to sustain, raise and distribute funds to the Library in a manner that will complement, but not replace, the ongoing critical support roles of the Village of Mount Horeb and the Friends of the Library in the continuing health and growth of the Mount Horeb Public Library.

Enhance our Library, a community resource, which offers opportunities for personal growth, learning, and enjoyment. Fund innovative, ongoing projects through perpetuity.

Sustain the Distinction
This Library needs your contribution to further energize, enhance and offer supplemental support to essential library services:

Continue building vibrant collections.
Purchase popular formats (DVDs, e-books, Blu-ray, audio books) at an accelerated pace.
Create new collections as community interests grow and change.
Provide a wide range of programs from computer classes to storytime performers.
Encourage learning, creativity, and growth through beneficial programming that highlights our collections and community.
Participate in subscriptions to online information sources.
Provide access to the latest information technology and equipment.

Endowment Fund Gifts
All gifts to the Endowment Fund are fully tax deductible.
For questions about memorial or gift opportunities to the Endowment Fund, contact:

Jessica Gretzinger
Library Director
608-437-5021, ext. 108
jessica.gretzinger [at] mounthorebwi.info

Funds may be sent to the following address:
Mount Horeb Public Library Endowment Fund
105 Perimeter Road Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Please make checks payable to the Mount Horeb Public Library Endowment Fund. Gifts of stock are welcome. The Mount Horeb Public Library Board greatly appreciates your support of the ongoing effort to build a strong Endowment Fund.

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